Monday, December 8, 2008

Final :)

This semester challenged me greatly. I learned a lot about how to manage my time, not just for this class, but for everything. When I signed up for the yearbook class, I was excited to learn more about journalism and how the journalism world really worked. I’m used to having deadlines and being put under pressure, but I knew this class would be different. It’s a lot more laid back, but then again, not really.
Because I took a yearbook class in middle school I had an idea of how things would be put together. I was excited to see that we actually had lessons about journalism rather than just us writing our stories. It made it seem like more of a class, and I got a lot out of the lessons. I also liked that we shared things each class, it really opens up our minds for different types of readings and interpretations.
A few things that I learned were the proper ways to write for publications. It is different from a normal English class. I learned that contacting other people on the project early on is the best way to get anything done.
Because journalism is not my major, and neither is English, I took a chance at trying something new. I grew as a writer in a lot of ways. My knowledge for journalism grew, I grew more as a person. I can be really shy if I don’t know someone, but journalism it doesn’t really matter if you know them, the story still has to get covered. And vice-versa, even if you know the people it’s still hard because you don’t want to offend anyone. Writing is such a diverse thing, and that’s why I love to learn about it.

Friday, October 31, 2008


My love for musical theater is just beginning. My first musical I saw was Hairspray in New York in 2006. That was quite amazing. Going into it I was not sure what to expect, but it truly was a great show. I am amazed at the talent of these people, and I feel like I can somewhat relate to what they do to prepare for such shows.

After seeing Hairspray, I was told that I would like Wicked, and that I needed to read the book first. So while working in the ADC as a cashier my freshmen year, I often had some down time and I would bring in books to read, and Wicked was one of them. I would often get people who would walk in and see me reading and start a conversation about it. The first few chapters were really confusing to me, but it still did not keep me from reading the book. By then end, like most books, I could not put it down. Besides the fact that I wanted to read the book before I went to see the musical. My mom had bought me the book for Christmas and put two tickets in the book. I was really surprised because I had only mentioned to her that I wanted to see it. So she had bought the tickets for me and her to see it that summer. I was racing to finish the book, but mostly because I wanted to find out what happened. When I finally finished I was amazed.

Now on to the actual musical. The Pantageous Theater was gorgeous. The inside was so much more different than what I thought it would be, much smaller. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone who has not actually seen it, but I was blown away at how amazing it was.

Now, everyone has their own opinions of which was better, the book or the musical. If you do not like people bursting out into song every two minutes, the musical probably does not pertain to your liking, and if you can not sit still for an hour to enjoy a good book, the book would seem torturous to read. But I would strongly encourage everyone to do both.

I'm surprised that the book and the musical were so different. Since I had read the book beforehand, I had gone in with an expectation, but that was completely changed right from the start. Perceptions can be tricky, but I was not opposed to the changes. It's nice to see other people's interpretations of the original book. I can't say I have a favorite because they are almost like polar opposites, but I would love to go back and see Wicked again at the Pantageous before it closes.

Now what is left for Wicked? I found a blog that stated there is a movie in the making, or development process. ( Is the world up for another interpretation? I think so. But what will it be like? Will it be more like the book, or like the musical? Lately there have been a lot of musicals turning into movies, but because Wicked was originally a book it will be interesting to see how it turns out. I wouldn't mind hearing some songs in the movie.

The writer of the blog mentioned that they had always seen it being made into a movie with a Tim Burton feel to it. Now wouldn't that be interesting? Tim Burton has amazing ideas, and he would do some great things with this story line.

I found another blog that had a clip of the musical:

I think musicals are more interesting than movies, most of the time, because not only does it have a story line that people can relate to, but it has catchy music to listen to as well. This blogger says that the characters have struggles, conflicts, most of the time love conflicts... They just have so much more to offer!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy Weekend!

So I'm supposed to be packing right now, but I am putting it off, once again! I am really excited for the weekend. I have been looking forward to it for weeks now!

Tomorrow morning I have rehearsal. Later in the day I have 2 shows to perform for colorguard. After my second show I am leaving for Santa Clara for my summer colorguard banquet! I'm really excited because I haven't seen my friends in a few months, and after seeing them every day for three months, I miss them like crazy!

This weekend couldn't have come at a mroe perfect time either. I had two tests last week, and one this week, on top of our final draft deadline for yearbook, and all the other homework assignments that need to be done every week! It's a relief to be done with the tests, but of course there is no break in school. Homework still has to be done, work still has to get done, and social lives still have to be kept.

Unfortunitly this semester is really testing me with my time management. I probably took on too much this year, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... hopefully it just won't close in on me before i get there!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yearbook- Blog 1

I can not decide on what to write about, so I will write about my summer!

This summer I went on a tour with a drum corps, The Santa Clara Vanguard. I was in the colorguard and we traveled across the U.S. for three months straight. Our show was called Three, Mind Body and Soul. For three months we learned the routine for the show and tried to perfect it. We traveled on buses, slept in gyms, theaters, and on the bus. We would rehearse all day, and when I say all day I mean like 8am to 10pm.

I know it sounds crazy. Why would I want to do something like this. Well it's a very different experience, and I definitely would not trade it for anything. The friendships made are so strong, they are my second family, all 150 of them. Because we live together and go through the same stuff together, it's not like a normal friendship. Not only do I do it for the friendhsip, but I do it because I love colorguard. It is my passion.

Of course there were days when I wanted to go home, but sticking through it made me a stronger person. Of course the tan and getting fit was nice! So overall I had an amazing summer, and I can't wait to do it again next summer!